MS Shad Shootout 2013

shadshootout2013 Mark your calender for this one…..Great fishing for a great cause!



New year and a new post!


We are almost two weeks into the new year and I didn’t get to fish near as much as I wanted to in 2012. I was deployed all summer and missed all the action with the big reds and also missed the TKAA charity tourny. One of my resolutions for the new year is to fish a lot more and be more involved in the club. The cold weather and work has kept me off the water for a while but I plan on changing that real soon. cant wait!


Noah’s first fishing trip!

After reading some posts on some other blogs about taking a child on their first fishing trip. I decided to take my son, Noah on his first fishing trip. He is 3 and a half years old. He seems very excited about fishing in general. He watches fishing shows on TV with me and he always asks me “Daddy, I wanna go fishing with you”. Up until this point I would tell him: “I will take you when your a little bigger”. Finally, the day would come where I was able to tell him that he is big enough to go.  [click to continue…]

River Monster tackle/gear

I was reading a blog post from the Honest Angler on about the new river monsters gear from South Bend. I have to agree that the quality of this gear does not live up to the name. I have seen some of the combo’s show up at wal-mart and also at my local Navy Exchange. I am going to assume this product is targeted to young kids.I would like to see Jeremy Wade use this gear. I have only seem him use (high dollar) top quality gear and terminal tackle. Nothing against River Monsters, It is a good show but it does get repetitive after a few episodes. I wonder if Jeremy knows about this or if this is something that the producers of the show should get credit for. I mean Jeez, Do we have to commercialize everything. From What I have heard South Bend used to make really good gear years ago. I have also heard the same about Penn reels as well. I guess it goes to show that you get what you pay for in most cases.


Opening day at Lynnhaven Pier

Opening day of the season at Lynnhaven Pier was this past Friday. I normally go to the pier with one of my good friends who doesn’t own a kayak. Since he was working I decided to go at it alone. Besides lies are always better when there are no witnesses! Opening time was at 4 p.m. I didn’t make it there until a little after 9 in the night. They did manage to get most of the lights along the sides of the pier working since last time I fished here. You could tell that the place has been empty with all the seagull dropping on the benches and guard rails. I walked to the end and set up my radio (need some tunes to pier fish alone).

I could not even keep my line in the water with all the small blues and specks around. There was a lot of bait-fish congregating around the lights of the pier. I was having a blast just throwing a lure at them. I have never caught anything there with any size but the quantity of fish you catch will keep you busy for the night. Dolphins where jumping all around the place. It was cool seeing them so close to shore. I had a great time and defiantly will hit the pier up a few more times before their season ends.